Humans can't live without water, and since the coalition began dropping bombs in earnest on this city, water is now a big problem, behind me is some kids and different families getting water from this mains. Now it's the same all-round the city, we've driven round the city and everywhere you go there are families filling whatever containers they can find, ten litre jerry cans, pepsi bottles, and filling them full of water coming out of the mains. - John Cantlie, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

Mosul, Islamic State, 7th December 2016.

This video, released on 7th December 2016 from Mosul, Islamic State deals with the infrastructure bombing of bridges, water and electricity facilities by the United States Imperial military acting in concert with the U.S. administration of Barack Obama, outgoing President of the United States.

Over the course of the past 20 days, the imperial U.S. military has been engaging in targeted and illegal assaults against the civil infrastructure of Mosul, a crime under international law.

The following article is a transcription of a video released by the Sunni Mujahedin of Mosul, Islamic State - released on 7th December 2016.

The video is presented by the British Journalist John Cantlie, released under the moniker John Kantile.

The subject matter dealt with in the video relates to a substantive case of international illegality against the United States imperial government and military and focuses on the targeting of the civilian population of Mosul by that government. Over the past month or so, the imperial U.S. military has engaged in a policy of infrastructure bombing with the aim of punishing the populace of Mosul, broadly as a means to prop up the U.S. backed Iraqi nationalist authority in Baghdad, Iraq.

In the video, clear and precise evidence of infrastructure bombing can be seen with the destruction of four bridges spanning the Tigris River, along with the destruction of the main electricity and water infrastructure.

This policy is illegal under international law.

The following transcript is released here for public consumption under the public interest and is on and for the record.

U.S. Imperial Crimes Against Humanity, Mosul, Islamic State.

John Cantlie, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

John Cantlie, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

In the latest of his reports from Mosul, Islamic State, the British journalist John Cantlie describes and illustrates the illegality of the imperial U.S.'s actions in Islamic State and Iraq. The journalist has often been claimed by extremist publications in both the U.S. and U.K. to have been taken hostage, prisoner or is otherwise acting under duress.

However, Cantlies reports are given coherently, calmly and are not tainted by much of the extreme right-wing polemic that commonly exists in much of the U.S. and U.S. dependency media at present.

Mosul is a city of Bridges.

Situated on the Tigris River, there used to be five of them, linking the west to the east side of the city.

Then twenty days ago the coalition’s aircraft took it upon themselves to systematically destroy four of the bridges.

There’s only one left now, a very small bridge about half a kilometre to my left here.

This bridge is the fifth bridge, it’s the biggest and it’s absolutely destroyed, if I take one metre back I'm a dead man.

There's nothing left of this bridge apart from one tiny walkway which you can see just behind me about one metre across, and you can see the absolute pandemonium its creating as the people of Mosul cross it to get from the west to the east.

They may be going to visit their families, they may be going to work, they may be going to buy goods.

But they can hardly move, as you can see it’s a log jam right behind me.

Bombing of Bridges, U.S. Imperial military, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

Bombing of Bridges, U.S. Imperial military, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

In an attempt to legitimise its foreign policy over the course of the last 13 years, the United States Empire has revised its propaganda approach on a number of occasions. The latest episodal program involves a large scale media operation to create a public mindset hostile to the Sunni population in order to legitimise what remains a crime. In this image, bomb damage to a bridge can be seen. This strategy constitutes denial of movement within Mosul by the U.S. Imperial military and amply illustrates that the U.S. Imperial Empire has a detailed understanding of the strategies and tactics required to depose and subvert entities it opposes within the international community. A strategy it has long used to depose many governments of the past.

Now the coalition say this is to stop the Mujahedin moving freely within Mosul, to hinder them and to continue their war against the Mujahedin.

But there are no Mujahedin here, the Mujahedin are fighting on the front lines, many kilometres to this way and that way.

These are just normal Muslims, people going about their business and they are being absolutely stopped in their tracks by the bombs that have destroyed these bridges.

And you have to ask yourself if this is the coalitions war against the Mujahedin, then why are the waging it against the Muslims of Mosul.

Mosul gets its main water supply from a number of pick up points along the river.

I'm standing next to one of them now, at least what's left of one of them, it's just a big pile of dirt and mud now as you can see.

It was hit by bombs from aircraft above and it’s severed the main water supply, so there's just water gushing now into one of the tributary rivers instead of into the pipes where it's taken from there into the city.

And this is one of the reasons why Mosul now has very little water because the bombs dropped on the main water pipes like this one.

Now it was fixed by local men and engineers and then [a] second bomb was dropped on it, a number of them were killed, and now the water is just pouring into this river.

This gentleman standing to my right who is one of the men who fixed that pipe.

Interview with a man in Arabic follows:

Civil engineering reparation works, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

Civil engineering reparation works, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

In this image, an engineer talks about the efforts taken by the Sunni to mitigate the effects of U.S. imperial aggression by repairing the damage done to the civil infrastructure of Mosul.

In the name of Allah, May blessings and peace by upon Allah's Messenger.

The treacherous Crusader Coalition bombarded the Muthanna Bridge, under which the neighbourhood’s water pipes run, which are behind us.

This is not for the Nur neighbourhood and other neighbourhoods.

Maintenance teams began working to fix the damaged caused by the bombing, but before completing the project, the Crusader Coalition bombed the area a second time.

This caused the deaths of two workers who were fixing the water pipes.

They also targeted vehicles used for working on repairing the damage.

All praise belongs to Allah, our brothers the Mujahidin managed to repair the damage, and water is now flowing to the rest of the neighbourhoods which are behind us.

All praise belongs to Allah, may Allah reward you well.

Interview ends.

Bombing damage to Mosul, December 2016.

Bombing damage to Mosul, December 2016.

In December 2016, Mosul remains in a state of severe under-development with much of its civil infrastructure damaged and in need of repair. While the population of Mosul continue to work hard to undo the damage done to their city, of well over a million people, continued hardship remains pressed against them by U.S. backed Iraqi nationalists aided and abetted by the U.S. Imperial military, a range of U.S. private security contractors and assorted mercenaries.

This policy in reality enjoys little if any public support inside the U.S. itself, and no legitimate or genuine support outside the U.S.

In this image, Cantlie can be seen talking about the civil engineering efforts undertaken by engineers in Mosul despite continued and deliberate efforts of the U.S. administration to create hardship for the population of Mosul.

I'm speaking to the engineers who work on these pipes, they say they can fix them no problem at all, they've already done this twice, but each time they do, another f16 or f18 flies overhead [and] drops another bomb on it and severs the pipe again.

So it's very very difficult for the Mujahedin to fix the water supply going into the city when each time they do, which the Muslims of the city need so badly, another bomb gets dropped on it, and the water instead of going into the pipes just rushes into these rivers.

So it’s very difficult for the Mujahedin to fix the water system.

Interview with a man in Arabic follows:

Denial of water supply, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

Denial of water supply, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

The denial of water supply has some comparison with medaeval practice during the strategy of siege. One aspect of the U.S. Imperial approach will certainly be to cause an outbreak of disease within the population of Mosul, casting an unpleasant light on the thinking practices within U.S. Imperial military planners and strategists.

Clean and freely available water is a requirement for any human population in any civil sense but is not just limited to the requirement to remain hydrated. Winter tends to create higher rates of pathological germ infections in any population and regular ingestion of clean water is often the most common remedy to offset the symptoms of those infections.

The primary cause of mortality in a population from petty infections is very often failure to access a reliable water supply.

Were any pathogen outbreak to occur in Mosul that would lead to needless mortality due to lack of access to clean water, the United States administration would naturally bear sole responsibility, irrespective of any media strategy they might adopt to offset blame.

This is the work of the Crusader disbelievers.

They wage war against Muslims by cutting off their water supply and their bridges.

This is due to their treachery and disbelief.

Look, by Allah's grace, the water is there and will not be cut from us if Allah wills.

People are helping each other to provide water from the wells.

Interview ends.

Now the bridges we've just seen are a matter of convenience, Muslims are pretty tough and they can work around things.

Denial of water by military action, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

Denial of water by military action, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

In this still taken from the video, a child collects water from a mains point because water is no longer available within the domestic residential system.

It is illegal under international law to target a civilian population or to engage in military action that causes or brings about denial of access to essential services most especially medical services and water supply. To undertake any action in military form that causes a denial of those essential services is a war crime or a crime against humanity.

The United States Empire has routinely taken responsibility for actions that do constitue a crime against humanity and has done so in tandem with a large scale media propaganda ploy designed to absolve and excuse it of wrong doing.

Humans can't live without water, and since the coalition began dropping bombs in earnest on this city, water is now a big problem, behind me is some kids and different families getting water from this mains.

Now it's the same all-round the city, we've driven round the city and everywhere you go there are families filling whatever containers they can find, ten litre jerry cans, pepsi bottles, and filling them full of water coming out of the mains.

There is no water coming into many of the houses now because there is no electricity, and it's a major major problem for the people of Mosul.

As you can see these are just kids, normal families, they are not Mujahedin.

Winter is now upon Mosul and winter here is cold, it gets down to zero degrees in the evening.

People have got very little electricity, very little water and that's making life extremely tough for the Muslims of Mosul.

But Muslims are tough people, they will find a way around most things, they say Al-ḥamdu lillāh and they'll get on with it.

But if there's no water, things are going to be tough.

Now behind me over my right shoulder is the last bridge left standing here in Mosul across is the Tigris from the eats to the west, it's also the smallest bridge, and you can see and hear the chaos this is causing; the traffic as it moves from one side of the river to the other.

John Cantlie, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

John Cantlie, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

On 7th December 2016, John Cantlie appears in the latest video published by Islamic State, otherwise known as the Sunni Mujahedin. Islamic State have a wideranging series of supportive groups around the world, all of which are held aloft by the Imperial government of the United States as enemies. While many have become conditioned to accept the legitimacy of this U.S. strategy, reality can often be surprising in terms of how that strategy is perceived by the everyday man and woman. In particular, in terms of how much support the Imperial U.S. actually enjoys away from the presentational instrumentation of its various propaganda schemes.

John Henry Cantlie has been in Iraq now since 2012 and has a wideranging knowledge of his environment both current and previously, but as a competent and experienced photographer will also be familiar with the distortions which can and often do originate from newsrooms and the journalists who work within them. In general terms photographers and photojournalists share the same love-hate relationship with media corporations often held by the public, largely due to the fact photographers actually meet their subjects and spend far longer with them than written word journalists.

Photographers are of course far more difficult to manipulate given their work processes and the technical nature of the work they produce.

While much has been made of Cantlies personal views of his situation by other journalists, little has been made of the qualifications of those making those judgements, almost all of who are written word journalists who are, by their trade, emminantly mallable.

It's very very difficult now for the people of Mosul to get around, it's taking hours, sometimes as much as half a day, to get from one side of the city to the other, the traffics backed up, all the way up there, across through here and then meets half way in the middle of the bridge.

Now [I] can't see any Mujahedin, can you?

No, these are just the everyday normal people of Mosul, the Mujahedin are out there fighting on the front lines kilometres outside.

And the effect all these bombs are having on the everyday people of Mosul is pretty distressing.

Denial of movement by military action, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

Denial of movement by military action, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

The populace of Mosul navigating the Tigris via the last remaining bridge.

In an attempt to prop up its nationalist dependent in Baghdad, the United States Empire has targeted the Sunni in Mosul and other areas throughout Nineveh broadly as a means to suppress and deny contradictions to its power and influence. The Sunni consituted the epicentre of resistance to the U.S.'s panicked invasion and occupation of the country in 2003, and continued to bedevil U.S. imperial forces from 2004 onwards.

Broadly speaking, the changes and revisions that have been seen inside the United States Imperial mainland since 2011 have been an attempt to rescue its war effort among the domestic populace, leading in 2016 to the election of a revisonist President.

Throughout, the populace of Mosul and Nineveh have been regularly abused by the United states and its dependents to create a reactionary context to those domestic U.S. changes.

Waters [in] very very limited supply, electricity limited supply, bridges being cut off one after the other.

Behind the camera which you can't see the markets full of people, bustling, people selling clothes, food, everything they need to get by.

But it’s making life very very hard, all the bombs, and all the missiles continuing [to] make life very hard for the ordinary people of Mosul.

General interviews with the population of Mosul follow in Arabic:

Resident of Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

Resident of Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

A driver in Mosul talks about the effect the U.S. Imperial military bombing of his city has had on the local economy and infrastructure.

My brother, it is utter ruin.

By Allah the Exalted, they have ruined us.

People are being severely hurt.

Allah, Glorified and Exalted, knows our condition, how much we have suffered.

In a matter of seconds, we crossed into another life.

Iraqi dinars were valued, But now, we are unable...a litre of kerosene costs, Benzene is expensive.

This is a problem.

The goal of hitting the bridges is to paralyse movement in Mosul, to destroy the city, and to destroy its people.

This issue is not just against the Islamic State.

It does not involve a specific individual.

This includes all of Muslims.

Striking the bridges is aimed at destroying the infrastructure of the Sunni people.

Mosques are struck.

Telephone exchanges are struck.

Artillery against the Sunnis is allowed.

Multiple rocket launches against the Sunnis are allowed.

Mortars against the Sunnis are allowed.

Airstrikes on their neighbourhoods are allowed.

Allah is sufficient for us and the best in trust.

Allah is sufficient for us and the best in trust.

Resident of Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

Resident of Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

To date, there is almost a complete deficit of information in western media regarding events in Mosul. This constitutes a wholesale campaign of subjective reporting by western media corporations who have collectively colluded to bring about a distorted and completely dysfunctional media environment, in which withering questions may now be asked about their grasp on straightforward concepts of democracy, public interest and competent journalism.

However, there is at the same time a large-scale media western presense embedded with Iraqi nationalist forces, who are currently carrying out human rights abuses against the Sunni.

In this image, a resident of Mosul gives a better reflection on the state of mind of the Sunni, which of course is informed by the general Sunni malaise over western nations conduct in Iraq throughout the entirety of the time they have been there!

People are suffering, May Allah take revenge.

Our people are on the truth, and they are upon falsehood.

If Allah wills, victory shall be ours.

By Allah, they have hurt us and ruined us by cutting off the bridges.

Instead of crossing the bridge in a minute, we take two, three, or four hours to cross.

The effects of U.S. Imperial bombing, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

The effects of U.S. Imperial bombing, Mosul, Islamic State. 2016.

A man talks freely about the effcts of the U.S. Imperial militaries bombing campaign against the population of Mosul, Islamic State.

This hurts the people by paying for fuel.

Additionally, if you have someone who is ill, Allah forbid, you are not able to take him to hospital quickly.

These are problems and obstacles.

May Allah take revenge, May Allah take revenge, if He so wills.