Throughout this past decade, in the fanatical, grossly divisive and economically terminal pursuit of terrorists at any cost by the 'War on Terror' generation of political chancers and opportunists, one can now imagine tremendous sympathy for those groups who take up arms against nationalists wherever they may be found.

International war crimes evidence from Sri Lanka, 2009.

This unedited and uncensored cell-phone video is thought to have been taken in north Sri Lanka around January 2009 by a Sri Lankan government soldier. At the time, the Sri Lankan government were claiming internationally that they were conducting a humanitarian operation to free the Tamil people from a terrorist group; the Tamil Tigers, under the doctrine of counter terrorism operations also being waged by the United States, United Kingdom and other multilateral partners in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Oman, Sudan and Yemen. In reality, the Sri Lankan ultra-nationalist government were carrying out summary executions of internal separatists on the island, many of them women, children and others who were suspected of helping them.

In mid 2009, this video was released by Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka.

Although constituting clear and incontrovertible evidence of war crimes committed against unarmed civilians, the ultra-nationalist government of Sri Lanka remain obstinately defensive toward its military and refuse to accept that any crime occurred on the Island during 2009. Throughout the entire period between late 2008 and into 2009, the nationalist government of Sri Lanka repeatedly claimed that they were engaged in an operation to 'rescue' Tamils from the Tamil Tigers. In service to this crazed and deranged dogma, the Sri Lankan government murdered between 40 and 60,000 Tamils on the Island. These facts coalesce into international war crimes, ethnic cleansing and genocide. To date, the United States, United Kingdom, China, Russia and France; the five permanent members of the U.N Security Council have stridently evaded any attempt to bring the government of Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court to answer charges of carrying out organised and funded crimes against humanity.

This video thought to have been filmed in the early part of 2009 is evidence of war crimes committed by the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) during its organised military massacre of the Tamil population in the north of the Island.

The evidence emerged through Journalists for a Democratic Sri Lanka and has gone on to invoke world-wide condemnation of the Nationalist Government of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Throughout the massacre, the Tamil diaspora had held major large-scale demonstrations and protests in london and around the world in protest at the appalling crimes, and highly organised, nationalist violence taking place on the holiday island of Sri lanka/Ceylon. Below are a number of reports of protests that took place in London as the massacre unfolded.

Since the appalling massacre occured, the international community have remained largely placid to demands for action against the nationalist government of Mahinda Rajapaksa, largely because the war crimes occured while many international members of the UN were engaged in their own human rights violations and associated crimes against so-called Al Qaida in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and Sudan.

Summary executions of women.

Summary executions of women.

The death of Isaipriya Veeravanakkam (shrouded in white at the bottom left of this image).

To date, the GoSL have been given a number of opportunities to explain themselves and the conduct of the military and on every occasion have fabricated and obfuscated a pretense at concern, from carrying out apparent investigations to so-called expert analysis of the video, and on each occasion have offered clumsy and malformed analysis based on the amateurish, unqualified and clumsy private opinions of military officers: all of which have a vested interest in preventing the truth of the crimes from emerging.

The nature of the handling of these allegations by the Sri Lankan military, and the collusion clearly evident from the Sri Lankan government, indicate that Sri Lanka is under the control of a military dictatorship posing as a democracy.

Terence Bunch
Terence Bunch

In these images, nationalist forces are drilled to take part in the military slaughter of Tamils in the north of Sri Lanka. These scenes are similar to many scenes throughout history in which nationalist governments around the world recruit amateur civilians from the domestic population and with limited training, or experience, are flung into war.

This approach is guaranteed to ensure that the proscribed enemy (Tamil's) are brought into contact with young males who are fundamentally ill-prepared for the environment they face. In this environment, prejudice, violence, racism and sexual deviancy flourish.

This is the approach often taken by nationalist extremists who come to power in order to vent long-standing emnity against domestic rivals.

Mahinda Rajapaksa, the nationalist President of Sri Lanka, is strengthened by his brother, Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who serves as Mahinda's Defence Secretary.

Together, the two have executed a counter-terrorism operation that has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people and led to the widespread human rights abuses seen on the island.

Terence Bunch
Terence Bunch

In these two images, taken over a short period, a man is clearly petrified and being held prisoner by nationalist forces.

A short while later, his blood-soaked body is dumped in a pit having been executed by his captors.

In the second image, his captors have covered the lower part of his body to prevent detection of the crime and the camera from showing that his hands have been tied behind his back. This behaviour is typical of nationalist forces war crimes operating under the command of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Over much of the island of Sri Lanka throughout the final operation to bring the Tamils waged by the GoSL, Tamils had been found in very large numbers with feet and hands bound by flex or plastic ties.

In conjunction with the video evidence above, it is clearly the case that GoSL forces have gone equipped and have undertaken their tasks with a degree of 'efficiency' and pre-planning.

Terence Bunch
Terence Bunch

In the images which follow, the scale of the nationalist violence is confirmed.

Here, Tamil women have been sexually abused either prior to, or following death.

It is known that throughout the massacre executed by nationalist forces in the north of Sri Lanka, soldiers regularly engaged in sexual abuse of female children and women for gratification to alleviate drug use, and to satisfy long-standing racist emnity against the Tamils.

Reports that children were being abused by Sri Lankan Sinhala nationalists had surfaced in April 2009 and these reports continued until after the war had ended, as nationalists continued to carry on the sexual abuses against Tamils who had survived the massacre but who were detained in concentration camps on the island.

As is clear from this footage, the slaughter of tens of thousands of Tamils on the island of Sri Lanka/Ceylon has been the product of an extremist nationalist government which has arranged its military in such a way that nationwide persecution of an entire race has been allowed to unfold. This has led directly to war crimes and major loss of life in which the entire government has freely organised and taken part. Serious war crimes have taken place on the island and the energy expended in preventing international media from gaining access to the island while the war crimes were in motion, appears to be in direct correlation with the energy expended by the Sri Lanka government in prosecution of those atrocities.

One is inclined to ask: if the GoSL can be capable of the commission of such war crimes in the pursuit of its fanatical and blinding hatred of the Tamil leadership on its own territory and in plain sight of its own population, what efforts is it prepared to go to to incriminate the Tamil leadership? What else has the nationalist government of Sri Lanka been responsible for in its efforts to demonise the Tamils on the international stage?

Throughout this past decade, in the fanatical, grossly divisive and economically terminal pursuit of terrorists at any cost by the 'War on Terror' generation of political chancers and opportunists, one can now imagine tremendous sympathy for those groups who take up arms against nationalists wherever they may be found.

This decade long mantra of war crimes, hatred, bile and feeble mindless thuggery that purports to be the rigid pursuit of 'international security', is now well on the way to presenting a threat to the international community by far and away many magnitudes greater than the crimes of the original perceived threat.

One can only guess that at some point, victory in the so-called 'War on Terror' will be declared and we will all breath a collective sigh of relief, before coming to the inescapable conclusion that, after the loss of life, the pain, the agony, the hardship and the expense...the terrorists will have scored an overhwhelming victory.

And we will have become...the very thing we despise the most.


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