Wednesday, 17 April, 2024

And Yet, Here We Are

For many years I have been extolling the values of peace, throughout that time there has been plenty to disagree with among peaceful people...

Tuesday, 16 April, 2024

Many more years than I care to count.

We don't see politics from the point of view of left and right wings, not in the conventional simplistic 'western' sense anyway.

We see politics from the point of view of experience, and the inevitability of that experience.

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Monday, 15 April, 2024

The World

We wish the English "all the best" in being able to make sense of an increasingly complex international environment.

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Sunday, 14 April, 2024

The Peace.

An eye for an eye robs you of only this. Your people.

Saturday, 13 April, 2024


We stand fully and completely against the practice of proscription, and remind all governments that terrorism is, as the Russians say, a double-edged sword.

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Tuesday, 9 April, 2024

An Obvious and Ordinary Point.

We shall prefer the pursuit of knowledge over ignorance. The pursuit of ignorance serves none, and is naught more than disempowerment.

Friday, 5 April, 2024

Peace Begins With Me: 75 years of UN Peacekeeping

Tuesday, 2 April, 2024

Journey Through China's Cities - Urban Travel Documentary

We have made a sturdy defence of our values in the eyes of all that humanity is capable of understanding, now we return to what humanity will come to understand.

As ever, Peace.

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